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Mission Accomplished

Daffy Goes Full Fetal & Full Retard

You had one job, Daffy:  Run Kerodin off the internet in shame & disgrace, by any means necessary.  Smear, lie, distort, ruin his name, crush his Liberty Projects and kill his non-III businesses. 

Daffy failed in his efforts, surrendered and went fetal this weekend - by declaring in classic George Bush fashion: 'Mission Accomplished'.  The poor little White Supremacist 'LEO' was even seen talking to himself in a post about why he wouldn't just '...kick Kerodin's ass'.  He gives excuse after excuse - he has a history of explaining why he won't do X or Y despite his assertions he's been profoundly wronged.

Here's why Daffy will never confront Kerodin: Fear and Common Sense.

First, he's a state-employee contributing to the Police State in America - so raising the cash to actually make the trip to my little piece of heaven is beyond his means.  Second, assuming he used his state-paid vacation to actually travel to my AO, he lacks the mettle and grit to ever make a move.  Third, if he ever did manage to overcome the first two hurdles, he lacks the skills to get the job done. He's good at dressing up in full Predator costume and posing for selfies - combatives, not so much.  (Daffy - if you ever do muster the testosterone to make a run at me, just let me know.  I'll set up the pay-per-view.  Cunt)

He also threatened to have me '...visited by an agency...' under some set of nebulous circumstances.  Daffy starts a fight, spectacularly gets crushed in that fight, cries foul several times, declares 'Mission Accomplished' - and has to try and threaten further with his Blue Line buddies.  Suck it up, Buttercup.  When you start a fight someone as 'tactically proficient' as Daffy should understand the concepts of second & third order consequences.  4GW - right?

As if it is my fault social venues have policies about hosting racists at events.  As if it is my fault anti-racist groups take offense at such events and venues.  As if it is my fault some dumbass blonde's 'career' (or some other family members') quietly stalls because Human Resources has a few notes in a file. As if it is my fault the Mental Health professionals in .gov agencies choose to monitor some of their employees who demonstrate clinically identifiable behaviors that carry risk to the general population.  As if it is my fault Internal Affairs & Attorney's General also tend to make quiet notes in personnel files of employees who are complete and total idiots.  As if it is my fault college and employment dreams of the next generation can be hindered by the sins of the father, thank to this internet age.  As if it is my fault stupid men like to dress up and play White Army Man while working for the very entities they denounce, advertising their hypocrisy to the world.  As if it is my fault that foul, fat welfare trolls take money for disability then post pics of themselves online zip lining for fun.  As if it is my fault so-called 'Patriots' allow that filth into their homes.   As if it is my fault those same welfare agencies police waste, fraud and abuse.  As if it is my fault your daddy was a Commie.  As if it is my fault meth-heads stalk women, then cry when those women bitch-slap them in court.  As if it is my fault you behave in such a manner as to risk your pension.

Here are two claims that are simply Fails on their face:

1) Court didn't work.  Well, the stalking stopped.  Goal set, goal met.

2) 'Mission Accomplished'  Not so much.  Not even a tiny bit.  Not even one single corpus delicti ever produced by the entire Daffy 'Mission Accomplished' crew of welfare parasites.  Goals set, not one goal met.

In fact: Every III business is up and running.  Every non-III business is up and running.  III Society membership is at a higher level today than when Daffy & Company began their failed coup attempt.  Land ownership: increased and commercially developed - yep.  Website network expanded with improved stats - check.  Another PatCon in the Redoubt - of course.  Local Tribe numbers increased - check.   TOC deployed on the eastern edge of the Redoubt - yep, for more than a year now.  Media coverage of III Projects - check.  Training every week (That's what professional trainers do) - check.

Oh, and while Jedburgh Academy has come online, the much-vaunted combined training school extraordinaire that Daffy and others were going to launch - looks more like the final edition of Absolved.

'Mission Accomplished'? 

If these idiots 'win' at fighting for Liberty the same way they 'won' this fight - well, you get it...

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